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Point Grey Eyecare Services for UBC Students


Welcome UBC Students!

We’re always happy to see new faces in Vancouver. If you have decided to attend the University of British Columbia, you have some great years ahead of you. University is a wonderful experience and we hope that you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the world. There may be some other things you need to understand before that, though.

Remember to Take Care of Your Eyes

It can be very easy to forget the importance of eye care. You should have regular annual check-ups, and keep any prescriptions up-to-date. This will not be difficult at UBC, because the University has programs in place that will allow you to get the care you need at discounted prices. As a member of the UBC vision network, we offer our own incentives to students who need vision care services.

If this is your first semester, you are likely overwhelmed by all of the new information about your school. We’ve created this page to help you find some information that you may not have known about your benefits and privileges as a UBC student. We hope this information will make it easier for you to get the vision care that you need.

Plan Coverage for UBS Students

When you register for classes at UBC, you will be automatically enrolled in their extended insurance program known as AMS/GSS. This extended insurance program will cover most medical needs that the Medical Services Plan doesn’t, including vision care.

The AMS/GSS plan offers you some great benefits when vision is involved. The following table will show you some of the services that you will have access to once you are fully enrolled in the program. Remember that all of these services can be redeemed at your nearby Point Grey Eyecare location.

Vision Services

AMS/GSS Coverage

Eye Exams One eye exam, up to $50, once every two calendar years
Eyeglasses and Contacts New and Replacement eyeglasses and contact lenses with a maximum allowance of $75 every 24 Months
Laser Eye Surgery A maximum allowance of $150 every year.


With the low prices as Point Grey, you’ll always get the most for the money you’re spending. We would be happy to handle all of your eye-appointment needs while you are attending UBC. Our exams are convenient and comfortable. We also work very hard to make sure our stock of eyeglasses reflect the latest styles that you can be proud to wear.

Special Offers for UBC Students

You may be interested to know that Point Grey Eyecare is owned by UBC alumni. That is why Point Grey is proud to be a part of the AMS/GSS vision network. Through the vision network, we offer great discounts to UBC students. Below, you’ll find some of the active offers we have exclusively for UBC students:

  • 25% of standard eye exams
  • $75 off eyeglasses that cost more than $250
  • 30% off eyeglasses that cost less than $250
  • A complete student eyeglass package for only $129
  • Free lens coating with the purchase of frames

Up to 25% off contact lenses