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Contact Lenses

We carry a complete line of available contact lenses including custom hard and soft lenses.
Modalities from 1 day, 2 week, and 1 month replacement.

Correcting near sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and near & far vision loss.


Glasses & Contacts FAQ

Find answers here to your most common glasses & contact questions.

Can I get prescription sunglasses?

Yes, however, there may be limitations with certain types of prescriptions. Lenses must be angled to provide the right vision, and shapes that aren’t considered stylish or typical for sunglasses may result when shaping for certain eye conditions. We stay up-to-date with the latest lens materials, and we can help you find the look you want in sunglasses, no matter your prescription.

Are colored contact lenses safe?

Colored contact lenses developed a bad reputation at first because non-prescription use meant they could be sold by almost anyone. Many of those early manufacturers did not have the background to deal with the complex concerns of eye health, and many of those products caused infections as a result.

Colored contact lenses can be safe when made by a responsible and experienced manufacturer. We may be able to recommend a safe brand when you come in for a visit.

My glasses have trouble staying on without sliding, how do I fix this?

This problem most often points to a problem with the nosepieces. There are two popular types—The ones on metal prongs, and the ones that form a ridge below the nose bridge. If you have a narrow nose, the second type will not often stay on very well. The first type can be adjusted to fit almost any type of nose, and we can provide fittings here in our clinic.

What types of frames go best with each face shape?

Beyond personal style, many eyewear fashionistas recommend a healthy contrast. Square frames can highlight the contours in a round face in the same way that round frames can soften the sharper edges of squarish faces. Oval faces are can more easily be matched to either round or square frames, depending on other facial features.

Can I temporarily repair a broken bridge on my frames?

It’s often very easy to repair a broken bridge while you’re waiting for a replacement. If you have larger, plastic frames and a clean break, strong glue should be enough. Simply apply the glue and hold pressure to both sides until it sets.

It’s important to note, glue is not effective for thin wire frames or for breaks that have jagged edges. Fortunately, the path of the nose provides a good lane to guide tape into position. Don the classic “poindexter” look by wrapping a strong masking tape over the center to hold the bridge together while you wait on a new pair.

Can I temporarily repair broken arms/earpieces?

This is usually a simple repair. If the earpiece is broken because of a missing screw, most small convenience-store kits contain the right size. If the arm has snapped, you may be able to successfully tape it back with a strong masking tape or a clear packing tape.