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Improve Your Life with Improved Lenses

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 @ 05:02 PM
Author: Amit Mathur


If it’s been several years since you’ve updated your glasses prescription, it may be time to come into our Vancouver optometry clinic for a new one. You have much more than improved vision to look forward to when you purchase a new pair of glasses.

The technology available for different lenses has dramatically improved in just the last few years. The newest lenses and lens coatings available for your specs now come with a list of impressive features. Not all of these features can be combined onto the same pair of lenses, but any one of them could seriously improve your life:

Super Light Lenses

The newest types of lenses are made from polymers that weigh far less than glass. As this technology improves, lighter and lighter lenses are available for even the thickest of prescriptions. These new materials also have several other advantages over traditional glass lenses. For example, they are not as easy to shatter.

Many of the newest coatings available for lenses are also designed specifically for these polymer lenses. What follows are just some of the popular coatings that are available.

Sun Safe Lenses

If you have sensitive eyes, or you’d rather not wear sunglasses, you can still protect yourself from UV radiation. That’s because you can choose a UV blocking coating for your new lenses. The rate of protection differs by brand, but any one of them offers you significantly more protection than you would receive from traditional lenses.

These are a great choice if you have a job that often takes you outdoors.

Screen Safe

The blue light that is typically given off by phones and computer screens can exhaust your eyes and may be linked to mild health issues such as trouble sleeping. Blue-blocker lenses, as they are called, block the blue light that comes from screens. This may make it far more comfortable for you to use a computer for a much longer period.

Blue blocker lenses should be considered by those who work night shifts, or those who have positions that involve staring at a computer for more than four hours per day. The blocking of blue light can restore natural circadian rhythms to people who have sleeping problems because of screens.


If you’ve worn glasses your entire life, you know how easily and casually they can be scratched. It’s rarely worth it to replace glasses over a single scratch, so most pairs build up a small collection of scratches as they age.

You can do better with modern lenses. Scratch resistant coatings are available that are not easily damaged. Your glasses will be looking completely pristine long into their life.

Check out some New Lenses Today

We would love to show you all the great features that are available with modern lenses. You can stop by our clinic to have a complete optometry appointment and to learn about our frames and other options.

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