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Never Tried Contacts? Consider These Lifestyle Advantages

Monday, February 1, 2016 @ 08:02 AM
Author: Amit Mathur


Glasses are a great option, and there are many people out there who have proudly stuck by their specs for their entire lives. Glasses have a lot of great features after all, from the functionality of shading to the style of the frames.

If you’ve never considered contacts, there might be some advantages that you haven’t yet considered. Switching to contacts can open up some little pleasures that can’t be experienced if you’ve lived your life on the side of spectacles. The next time you’re thinking about getting a new prescription, consider if these advantages would make a difference.

Wake up seeing!

This is one of the first things you’ll notice upon switching if you’re willing to try the leave-in contacts. All glasses-wearers know that the first ritual of the day is to grope around groggily for their frames so that they can begin to see the rest of their world. It can be a pleasing and relieving experience to simply wake up being able to see perfectly.

Simple Prescription Adjustments

When you want to upgrade your glasses to change a prescription, it usually means tossing out one expensive pair for another one designed to last you for the next few years or so. Contacts, by contrast, are very simple to adjust. Usually, you’ll be paying a small price to receive them monthly, and you can update your prescriptions without interrupting your service or even necessarily changing the price. You can switch as often as your eye doctor recommends without being out the cost of new frames.

Enjoy New Orders, Constantly

Like your glasses? You may not like them as much as you used to. Maybe it’s the change of the seasons or the fact that the styles have changed, but glasses can get old before you can justify picking up new ones. That includes picking up minor imperfections like scratches on the lenses or bent wires. When you use contacts, you get brand new replacements by subscription. You’re always wearing a fresh pair.

Leave Your Eyes Open for Accessorizing

Many people are proud of their glasses, but there are times when the space they take up can be a frustration. Clip-ons and transition lenses for example, have compensated for the difference between glasses and sunglasses, but many still prefer to simply wear sunglasses and give up being able to see as well for a few hours.

Additionally, the rise of 3D movies has proven frustrating for people who already have that area of their face occupied. Some of these 3D glasses can fit over glasses, but it’s rarely an ideal or comfortable fit. Limitations like these are not a problem with contacts.

You’ll also open yourself up to some other new cosmetic options. Colored contact lenses, which are available on prescription, are a great way for you to forge a new “you”, with a radical change to your look.

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