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Broken Glasses? Temporarily Fix These 2 Common Problems Yourself.

Monday, December 14, 2015 @ 06:12 PM
Author: Amit Mathur


Who hasn’t accidentally sat on their glasses? Put a book on top of their glasses? Dropped their glasses? However the method, most of us have, at some point in time, broken our glasses. Worst feeling ever, am I right?

Well, if you are stuck somewhere and need a quick fix or can’t get to your optometrist to get them properly fixed, here are a few temporary solutions. Remember, to ensure you don’t further damage your glasses or lenses, visit your optometrist as soon as possible for a proper fix-it job.

To Mend A Bridge

The bridge of your glasses is the small part that goes over your nose. It can be quite easy to break that part. We’ve all seen the “Pointdexter” glasses with the tape over the bridge of his glasses. Here’s how you can fix it with nothing but white glue (NOT Krazy Glue), scissors and a magazine.

First, clean the frame to make sure there’s no lint or debris. Next, tear a page from the magazine and cut up strips the same thickness as the bridge of your glasses. Start to glue one strip of paper overtop the bridge, and then keep layering with several more pieces of the paper. Finally, put one last coat of glue on top of all the layers.

The glue will harden and all the layers will help reinforce the bridge until it can get properly fixed.

Dislocated Arms

The arms of your glasses, the part that goes over and behind your ears, can sometimes become unscrewed to the body of the glasses. If you aren’t able to replace the screw, here’s a quick fix-it tip with a pair of tweezers and a twist tie (like the kind you use in the grocery store to tie your vegetable bags).

With the tweezers, remove any leftover pieces of the screws that might still be stuck in the frame’s hole. Also with the tweezers, carefully remove the paper from the twist tie so all you have left is the thin metal. Then, just like you were threading a needle, slowly insert the metal through the screw hole and then loop it around the arm of the eyeglasses. Twist the metal wire together so that it locks in place, and your glasses can be worn again until you can get a replacement screw.

Two Fixes To Avoid

Under no circumstances ever use super glue (like Krazy Glue) to fix any part of your glasses as this will inevitably leave a residue and will make it harder for your optometrist to fix your glasses and clean up your mess afterwards. Also, it’s best not to use those scratch repair kits since they actually damage your lenses in the long-run, and thereby damage your vision as well.

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