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Dissecting The Different Styles Of Eyewear

Monday, July 6, 2015 @ 10:07 PM
Author: Amit Mathur

Between colour, materials, shapes and decorative details, there must easily be thousands of different styles of glasses out in the marketplace these days. It’s hard to know exactly what to go for. Glasses are no longer just to help improve your vision and help nearsighted or farsighted see better. Glasses have become a fashion statement, a part of your wardrobe, and people sometimes have as many pairs of glasses as they do underwear. In fact, some have actually gotten in the habit of wearing non-prescription eyewear as an accessory. So it’s actually cool to wear glasses. Who knew?

Eyewear can be the pop of accent your wardrobe needs, or can be as inconspicuous as a simple pair of earrings. Regardless of the role you want your glasses to play in your style, it’s fun to learn about all the various styles you have to choose from.

Round Eye Frames




Circular-shaped lenses and frame made famous by a certain Beatle (John Lennon).

Mirrored & Polarized Lenses


Mirrored glasses have a mirrored coating on the exterior surface of the lens, which act as a barrier to light. Similar to mirrored glasses, polarized lenses provide a glare-free vision during instances of bright sunlight.

Aviator & Pilot Glasses


Aviators were originally developed in 1936 by Ray-Ban for pilots, these glasses have a triangular-oval lens with very thin metal frames. Pilot glasses are similar to aviators, but are just not made by Ray-Ban.



Jackie O made this style of sunglasses famous. They are described as squared glasses and are available in different sizes, colours and materials.



Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan eternalized these medium-squared shades with thick plastic frame.

Rimless Glasses


Partially or totally rimless with a single “eye wire” running along the top of the frame connecting the nose bridge and temples (arms). For those who prefer something a little less obvious.

Butterly & Cat Eye Glasses


These two styles might sound different, but are actually a lot alike. Both offer a top outer edge pointed upwards, or have a butterfly wing shape. Generally oversized with plastic frames. Marilyn Monroe wore these best.

Oval Glasses


Oval shaped glasses are very popular in all sizes, colours and materials and generally appeal to a simpler style.



These quintessential masculine frames from the 50s and 60s, feature keyhole bridge and thick acetate rim.



Known for the bold upper part of the frames which frame the lenses in the same way that eyebrows frame the eyes.

Wrap, Shield & Biker Glasses


Glasses that wrap around the side of the face with big wide lenses for protection against ultra violet rays. Shield and Biker glasses are a variation of wrap glasses with extremely wide monolenses also designed for protection. The latter is also designed to protect against high speed winds and various weather conditions.

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