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7 Eye Conditions That Will Usually Heal On Their Own—Though You Still Have To See A Doctor

Monday, January 12, 2015 @ 06:01 AM
Author: Amit Mathur


The eyes may occupy a very small part of the human body, but they are some of the most fragile and sensitive organs we have. Being able to see is a gift that the larger population of human beings and animals has, and this gift is highly dependent on the condition of the eyes. Owing to a number of factors, the eyes can face some complications that require the attention of medical professionals in order to save them from failing to perform their roles effectively or even at all. However, here are some conditions that the eye is likely to recover from, with little to no attention from the eye doctor:

1.       Dry eyes

The above is a condition where the eye is either not producing enough tears or where it produces excess tears. Without enough tears in the eye, an individual feels as if there is sand or grit in the eyes, a condition that can get very uncomfortable. This condition can result from severe air pollution or even aging. When an individual stays away from the pollution and uses eye drops, his or her eyes may regain normal function with time.

2.       Blepharitis

Eyelid inflammation, loss of eyelashes, thickening of the eyelids, and the eyelids becoming scaly and red are some of the conditions that result from Blepharitis. The main causes of this condition include different types of bacteria or some skin inflammation, which prevent the normal functioning of the oil glands located close to the base of where the eyelashes grow. This condition affects people differently and if it persists for long, an individual is required to seek medical attention to prevent serious infections or visual complications. However, pressing the eyes with a hot and wet cloth repeatedly for a few minutes every day, and cleaning the eye thoroughly can get rid of this condition with time.

3.       Hordeolum

The eyelids can suffer slight to severe inflammation, a condition that experts refer to as sty. A soft and tender raised nodule, usually appearing on the eyelid, characterizes this infection. The swelling, which results from a bacterial infection, can result into the eye remaining shut when an individual is attempting to open it. This condition has a close connection to rosacea, and pressing the nodule with a hot and wet cloth several times in a day will clear the condition. Persistence of the condition for over a week will, however, warrant medical attention.

4.       Eyelash lice

Eyelash lice are more annoying and contagious than they are dangerous. Many people with eyelash lice experience itchiness in the eyelids, irritation in the eyes, tiredness, an ill feeling, fever, and eye redness. A doctor can diagnose the eyelash lice with the help of a slit lamp biomicroscope, which helps to see the lice even though they have clear bodies with blood seemingly passing through them. In addition to maintaining a good level of hygiene, you can get rid of the lice; using fine forceps and you can suffocate the eggs using non-medicated or petrolatum ointments.

5.       Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis can result from an eye’s exposure to fungi, bacteria, allergens, viruses and other agents that lead to palpebral inflammation or bulbar conjunctiva. An individual suffering from the above condition has enlarged blood vessels, which become red and are most of the time very itchy. Usually, when an individual with this condition wakes up in the morning, his or her eyes are stuck together and the eye produces some discharge and even tears. In mild situations, the condition will not require treatment from an eye professional, although an ocular decongestant will do wonders here. However, if the situation is not improving, do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

6.       Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is a type of a skin inflammation that can result in scaling, swelling, intense itching, and reddening of the eyelids. This condition usually results from an allergic reaction owing to contact with a new skin product or even the destruction of the skin’s protective layer. The interesting thing is that an allergic reaction can even result from a product that an individual has used for many years, and, therefore, an individual has to be very careful what products he or she is using. The eye will naturally heal from this condition after an individual refrains from using the products causing the allergic reaction, or even when the skin’s protective layer grows back.

7.       Thermal eye damage

For thermal damage to occur, an individual will have to be caught off-guard because blinking helps to prevent damage to the eye in such instances. However, when an eye is exposed to dangerous light, it can develop thermal damage. Some of the ways an eye can suffer the above damage is through exposure to Ultraviolet rays, a sunlamp or to the light from a welder’s arc. In mild cases of thermal damage, the eye will heal without any complications. However, if the eye does not show signs of improvement, an eye lubricant can help to remedy the situation. Further complications will require immediate medical attention.

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