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Eye Exercises: Protect Your Vision and Impress Your Eye Doctor

Monday, December 8, 2014 @ 06:12 AM
Author: Amit Mathur


Eye glasses are a wonderful way to see the world clearly and with precision.  Optometrists do wonderful work to ensure that we all have healthy, strong eyes that will serve us for the long haul. That’s why It is very important to maintain a regular eye check-up schedule and to develop a relationship with the optometrist to allow he or she to develop a relationship with your unique eyes.

However, eye care includes more than testing your vision and eye health.  There are simple exercises we can do to maintain, and even improve, our vision over time.  Of course, nothing natural is a quick fix.  As with the use of natural medicines, exercises for any aspect of the body takes time, effort and consistency.   With a little effort it is indeed possible for your to strengthen and maintain your eyesight.

Take a Computer Break

Take a break from to digital world – and that means every digital device you are exposed to.   We live in environments and with objects that make us focus our attention for long periods of time.  Bright lights beam into our eye constantly as we stare at our televisions, computers, tables and smartphones.  We can be laser focused for hours as we lose track of time.

Step away to take a break from technology.  It will do your physical and mental body good.  More importantly, it will save you wear and tear on your eyes over time.  Even looking away from the screen every few moments while you sit can help.   Take a coffee break and go talk to your favorite office friend.  Your eyes will thank you later and your social life just may improve.

Take Off Those Coke Bottles (or Contact Lenses)

People with mild vision challenges are often advised not to wear their glasses or contact all the time.  It can create an unnecessary dependency.  Eye muscles, like any other muscle in the body, can atrophy and weaken if they are not being used properly.  It is important for you to train those muscles just as you would train the biceps in your arms.

Why not take off your glasses or contacts if you are in a safe, familiar environment such as your home or office?  We know these places like the back of our hands.  You could easily find the sofa, your bed and even items in your kitchen if you needed to without the use of your eye helpers.  If you are able, give the crutches a break and build those muscles.

Look North South East and West

Our modern lives often only require us to look in one direction.  As human we have tunnel vision and we look straight ahead most of the time.  Rarely is there eminent danger that we have to be aware of as modern humans.  As a result, our peripheral vision suffers.  It is important to strengthen the vision you see out of the side of your eye.  The following exercises will assist with improving the peripheral vision.

Sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes open, start by looking straight ahead.  Look up as far as you can and hold for 30 seconds.  Then look to your right as far as you can see.  Hold this gaze for 30 seconds.  Next look down and then to the left, holding each for 30 seconds.  As you hold the gaze in each direction, purposefully try to see further than you normally would.  Do not strain, simply try to see beyond your comfort zone.  Go through the cycle two more times and then reverse.  Repeat the same exercises, clockwise and counter-clockwise, with your eyes closed.  After you are finished, rest with your eyes closed.

The Funky Four Corners

The next exercises are similar to the previous set, except you will start by looking up and to the right while you hold for 30 seconds.  Then look down and to the right and hold.  Repeat to the bottom left and then to the top left to complete the clockwise rotation, holding each for 30 seconds.  Repeat the series two more times and then reverse.  Finally repeat the same exercises, clockwise and counter-clockwise, with your eyes closed.  After you are finished, rest with your eyes closed.

If you find that the exercises make you dizzy or uncomfortable, shorten the length of holding time and do not strain.  Take your time, this is not a sprint.  Natural healthcare is always a marathon. In the words of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid, “Patience Young Grasshopper”.  Practice and it will come.

Are you willing to take the test?  Give these simple exercises a try.  At worst, they will not work and you can go back to your coke bottle frames.  At best, you will impress your optometrist and improve your vision for the long haul.

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