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Buying Your Glasses over the Internet

Thursday, July 17, 2014 @ 07:07 PM
Author: admin


The Internet has revolutionized shopping and made it far easier than ever before to purchase what you need, whether it’s groceries, clothes, shoes, electronics equipment or anything in between. However, with some items, such as glasses, you may think that you have to go to an eye doctor’s office in person in order to purchase new specs. Actually, you can indeed purchase glasses online and sometimes save money while you do so. However, before you place an order today, keep some factors in mind.

First of all, you have to make sure that any glasses that you buy online match the current prescription lenses that you have. If you go for a different type of lens, you may have issues with seeing when you wear these new glasses. Perhaps they make everything fuzzy or too sharp. While you always need a few days to adjust to a new pair of glasses, they should not cause prolonged feelings of dizziness or give you headaches. It can also be a hassle to return a pair of glasses that your order online.

Next, you want to make sure that the frames will fit your face correctly. This is difficult to do without actually trying the glasses on personally. Glasses frames or arms that are oversized will mean that you’re constantly adjusting the glasses on your face, while those that are too tiny will cause discomfort against your ears and your nose. Before ordering a pair of glasses online, try to measure your current specs and look for a pair with similar measurements. If they’re not to the exact specifications once you receive the glasses, you may have to return them.

Also, you want to make sure that the glasses match your own personal style. Again, this is quite a difficult task to accomplish without physical pairs of glasses in front of you to try on. You may find that a style of glasses that you never thought would look good on you actually fit your face perfectly while the pair that you had your eye on don’t look as flattering.

In order to get a preview of what you may look like in your new glasses, some retailers allow you to virtually try on glasses through a picture of yourself that you post to the retailer’s website and pictures of the glasses layered on top. However, this only works so well, and the picture only lets you see yourself head on and not from the sides. This may be a good enough start though rather than imagining what you’d look like in certain styles.

It’s also important to know that prescriptions can and do expire eventually. According to Eye Care Fun, an eyeglasses resource, your prescription for a pair of glasses lasts no longer than two years. At that point, you need to book an appointment with your eye doctors’ office whether you plan to order your glasses online or not. Only your eye doctor can offer you a new glasses prescription. If you stick with your current prescription, you’ll find that when you order a pair of glasses online that your vision doesn’t change for the worse or better and instead remains the same. Even if you return that pair and order glasses from an entirely different website, the same will happen unless you have a more updated prescription.

The older you get, specifically 40 years or older, the more often that you will have to visit your eye doctor. You may not be able to go two years without a visit as you become more susceptible to certain conditions and eye disorders. You should keep this in mind when ordering glasses online as well.

If you don’t have a lot of time to get to your eye doctors’ office, ordering your glasses online is a viable option. You can save time and in some cases even money. However, you do have to watch out for a few different factors before ordering. Make sure that the glasses website lets you input your prescription lens information. Check the measurements of the glasses you plan to buy and compare these against the measurements of your current glasses. If the retailer allows it, virtually try on glasses before making a style choice. Once your order arrives, make sure that it’s to the specifications of the order or else you will have to return them.

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