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The Best Ten Methods You Can Use To Protect Your Eyesight

Thursday, February 27, 2014 @ 07:02 AM
Author: Amit Mathur

It is no secret that we require the use of our eyes to do a lot of things in life. It tends to make a person stop and wonder why so many of us take our sight for granted. The steps a person must take to help protect their eyes and keep them healthy are not very difficult and require minimal effort on your part.

1. Get Regular Checkups with your trusted eye care professional.

It is important to maintain regularly scheduled appointments with your eye care professional. These appointments do not take much of your time and are an important part of maintaining healthy eyes. Often at these appointments, your eye doctor will be able to detect any signs of issues before they become a serious problem. Issues with your sight will not necessarily have any symptoms, so regular appointments are important.

2. Be Aware of Your Family’s Medical History

Some eye conditions are surprisingly hereditary, so knowing your family’s history wouldn’t hurt anything. You can find out more about your family’s history by asking immediate relatives about any conditions or procedures they have had in the past. Knowing about this, and telling your eye doctor, may help your doctor to develop a specialized prevention plan to keep your eyes as healthy as possible for many years to come.

3. Wear the Right Prescription for You

It may sound silly, but you should never wear a prescription that was not prescribed for you. If you go to the eye doctor and they prescribe a new prescription for you, you should get new glasses or contacts made up as soon as possible. Lens strength (even if it is minor) can affect how hard your eyes have to work in order to perceive what you are seeing before you. If your eyes are constantly working without any rest you could risk hurting your eyes worse than if you went without them at all.

When it comes to contact lenses, it is important to always follow the instructions that you receive with the lenses. These lenses require special care and, if not cared for properly, they can become contaminated or cause an infection. If they are properly cared for, contact lenses can be just as viable and safe a solution as glasses.

4. Follow the Advice of Your Eye Care Professional

Eye care is really a finicky thing. You may not feel any symptoms of any issues when your eye care professional advises you to use drops or some other sort of treatment. It may seem silly to you as you are not feeling any symptoms that anything is wrong, but you do not want to aggravate any conditions by ignoring something your eye doctor told you to do. Ignoring the advice of your doctor would truly make the situation worse for you later on. Isn’t it better to be on the safe side when you’re playing with your vision?

5. Always Use Appropriate Eye Protective Gear When Necessary

Eye protection is truly a requirement when it comes to protecting your eyes. Always use the appropriate protective gear when you are doing any activities that may require them. Too many people go into the hospital each year due to eye-related injuries that could have been easily avoided if people used the proper protective gear. The gear was made for a reason. It may not be the most fashion forward statement, but at least you will have both of your eyes for future use any time you want.

6. Wear Sunglasses on Sunny Days

Ever wake up and look outside to find yourself squinting like a vampire in the vast light of the sun? This intense light is actually damaging to your eyes regardless if you are able to feel it or not. It is important to wear sunglasses on bright days to protect your eyes. Most people do not realize how sensitive our eyes really are to the sun. Over time, the sun is the leading source of many issues. As always, make sure you purchase high quality sunglasses with high UVA and UVB protection as cheap ones that do not offer the extra protection you need.

7. Listen to What Your Body Is Telling You

Let’s face it, we live in a technology-driven society where computers, laptops, and cellular devices are a dime a dozen. These days, just about everyone is using one of the season’s hottest gadgets as part of their daily routine. Looking at these screen types for extended periods of time may lead to eye fatigue. Those of us that make a living on our computers have an issue here as the computer screen is not something we are a stranger to. The key is to give your eyes a break from these intriguing screens for at least twenty seconds every twenty minutes. That really isn’t that hard to squeeze into a regular daily routine and your eyes will thank you later for it.

9. Eat a Healthy Diet

Believe it or not, eating a healthy diet will also help keep your eyes healthy. When you give your body the proper nutrients it needs to function properly you help it to remain healthy and functioning for many years to come. Not only will a healthy diet help to maintain healthy eyes, but it will also help to maintain a healthy physique as well. Remember, a healthy diet may also include proper vitamins and supplements for those who require them.

10. Do Some Simple Eye Exercises throughout the Day

There are some simple exercises each person can do in a few minutes of their time to keep their eyes healthy. Exercising the body is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising your eyes is no exception. You can begin by moving your eyes around in a full circle going in a clockwise direction. Once you have made a complete rotation you can move your eyes from left to right and from top to bottom. If you repeat this three times you can help relax your eyes for a while. It takes a few minutes and allows you to continue doing whatever you were doing without much interruption.

Leading A Healthier Visual Life

By following these ten easy-to-use steps you can relax your eyes from time to time and maintain healthy eyes for many years to come. You only get one pair of eyes in your life; there is no room for risks and chances when it comes to your health. Always seek the care of an eye care professional if you notice any sudden changes in your vision or prescription. Even if the issue is minor it is better to deal with it before it becomes a larger issue.

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