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Proper contact Lens Usage May Prevent a Corneal Ulcer

Thursday, February 20, 2014 @ 07:02 AM
Author: Amit Mathur

The corner is the clear center of the eye that allows images in. A corneal ulcer is an infected cornea, that, left untreated, can lead to blindness. It’s an open sore on the eye that can be extremely painful, yet it’s treatable when found early on.

Common causes of a corneal ulcer include:

  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Improper content lens usage
  • Chemical injury
  • Dry eye
  • Herpes virus (similar to strain found in a cold sore)
  • Tiny tears in the cornea

As a result of these problems, a corneal ulcer can present pain, tears, squinting, pus, blurred vision, swelling, and vision loss. It can also be recurring, so it’s important to resolve the underlying issues.

The main thing to gain control over in preventing corneal ulcers is the proper use and storage of contact lenses. Proper hygiene is vital to preventing and healing eye sores. Pay special attention to the doctor’s recommendations and product labels. Don’t wear contact lenses to bed or for a period longer than the recommendation.

Once the corneal ulcer is present, review treatment options to see what works best. The following treatment methods can be helpful:

  • Topical ointment
  • Over-the-counter medicine to control the pain
  • Medicated eye drops
  • Cool compresses
  • Nutritious diet
  • Vitamin A and C

In most cases the corneal ulcer can last for several weeks. In some extreme cases, hospitalization may be necessary for corneal transplant surgery. Don’t hesitant to seek medical attention if symptoms are severe.

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