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Light Therapy Improves Peripheral Vision in Kids

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 @ 07:12 AM
Author: Amit Mathur

The use of light therapy can be used to treat mood disorders and skin conditions. It was first discovered in 1903 and was used to treat tuberculosis. It can also help with vision impairments though. Exposure to daylight, florescent bulbs, and color therapy are useful in correcting mild eye problems. They are especially helpful for kids with vision problems.

Kids often experience a hard time in school because they have trouble reading the board, using computers, have dyslexia, get frequent headaches, or have trouble staying focused. Diagnosing the problem and getting the necessary treatment is difficult, however, as it can be misread a s a learning disability, laziness, or attention-deficit disorder.

Once identified as a vision problem, finding the right treatment can be tricky. Surgery isn’t recommended in most cases. Light therapy is a noninvasive treatment method that is safe for kids and adults. It can:

  • Improve peripheral vision
  • Reduce sensitivity to light
  • Reduce headaches
  • Improve memory and attention span
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Help with lazy eye and double vision
  • Help with dyslexia linked to poor vision
  • Expand the field of vision
  • Strengthen weak eye muscles

Light therapy improves brain functioning and makes the connection between the brain and vision. One the connection is made problems with vision are solved. Though it is approved as a home remedy for eye problems, it must be supervised by an adult. Also, it’s unsafe for anyone who has a history of seizures.

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