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How to Protect Your Eyes

Thursday, July 4, 2013 @ 07:07 AM
Author: Amit Mathur

How to Protect Your Eyes

Protecting your eyes is vital for your health. After all you take care of your health in other ways, such as going to the gym regularly and eating enough dark leafy greens, so why not put that same investment in your eyes? It’s important to regularly take care of your eye health as a preventative measure that will allow your eyes to thrive into your elderly age.

These are simple, effective ways to keep tabs on your eye health and keep your eyes in optimal shape.

  • Make check-ups a habit.
  • Protect your eyes when in the sun.

Make check-ups a regular habit for your eyes. You should visit the eye doctor once a year if your eyes are in good health. For those with glasses or contacts, you will visit the eye doctor as needed. This will allow the optometrist to gauge any progress or deterioration in your eyes. Those with a history of diabetes should see the eye doctor regularly after the age of 40.

SPF is essential for your eyes. Not only does SPF protect the area around your eyes, but it also protects the retina itself. Make sure your sunglasses are UVA/UVB which means they have the right technology to effectively protect the eyes. Most of these are brown or amber lenses, but nearly all major sunglasses manufacturers will label the type of protecting the sunglasses provide. These colors counteract the blue rays from violet and UV rays which can damage the retina.

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