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Best Foods For Strong Eyes

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 @ 07:05 AM
Author: Jason Lau

Best Foods For Strong Eyes

You eat well to stay in shape, but did you know a lot of the same foods that are great for your body are also optimal for the health of your eyes? There are many things you can do to care for your eyes, but what you put it in your body plays a large role in preventative measures to keep your eyes healthy.

The Carrot Myth

Carrots are often associated with good eye sight. While carrots are rich in vitamin A, which highly benefits the retina, most people are not lacking in vitamin A. That means that carrots are a good veggie to add to your diet, but you won’t necessarily see your eye health improve.

Veggies Win

As with keeping your body fat, organs and brain in check, vegetables are ideal to keep your eyes in good health. Dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale and arugula are packed with lutein. Studies have shown that lutein prevents macular degeneration. There are also studies that show reversal of macular degeneration.

Oils Help Too

Fish is a great source of omega fatty acids which are linked to preventing dry eyes. Beyond this, omega fatty acids are the best type of fats for your body. It promotes collagen production. Flax seed oil is also a good ingredient for eyes. You can put flax seed oil in a smoothie or take tablespoon of it every morning. Flax seed also contributes to regularity and is linked to maintaining a flat stomach.

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