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Depression and Poor Eye Health Linked

Friday, May 24, 2013 @ 07:05 AM
Author: Jason Lau

Depression and Poor Eye Health Linked

In a recent study, it was reported that depression and poor eye health including vision loss are possibly linked. This was a three year study conducted from 2005-2008, with 10,000 patients ages 20 and older.

For those who were depressed, there was a reported 11% vision loss while those who were not depressed only reported 5%. While the study did not report a direct, concrete link between the two things, there were numerous other factors such as age, sex and health that contributed to the idea of depression and vision loss being associated with each other.

Those who are feeling depressed should do their best to seek help. If it’s a normal time to be down, such as after the death of a loved one or after a divorce, take up a new hobby to get your mind on something. Give yourself new goals, be it with work or the home. You can also exercise regularly which increases endorphins and provides you with that ‘natural high’ that can break you out of a rut.

Those who feel they have suffered from depression for a number of months and have tried natural treatment on their own should seek professional help. Talk therapy can be a major source of support as you battle depression.

For more severe cases, a psychiatrist will be able to prescribe you with anti-depressive medication. These should only be used as an aide, not a crutch. Ultimately, you will be able to overcome your depression so your health is improved.

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