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How LASIK Works

Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 02:02 AM
Author: Amit Mathur

How LASIK WorksMany people hear about LASIK surgery for eyes. Some get a bit scared, and some get a bit queasy. Most have no idea how LASIK truly works. LASIK is a great procedure that can help to increase your eye health. It can help you to see the world in a whole new way, with every thing clearer and better looking than ever before. And of course, for many, it is worth it just to get rid of those encumbering glasses or pesky contact lenses. If you are interested in LASIK surgery, but not quite sure what to expect, do not fear; all you may need is a little bit more information to your benefit.

The Real LASIK Procedure

People have heard some pretty far out things in regards to LASIK procedures. Some think that you have to sit in a room where your eye is cut to pieces without any anesthesia. That could not be further from the truth. In fact, LASIK is an entirely laser oriented procedure. Those who have experienced it say that it is not the least bit uncomfortable. LASIK is actually quite easy to site through.

Step One

The first thing that is going to happen is that you are going to get anesthesia drops for your eyes. These are to ensure that you feel no discomfort at all through out the procedure. Though LASIK is notoriously misunderstood, you should know that the drops are mostly a precaution so that you do not feel the next step.

Step Two

Next, a retainer will be placed so that you can not close your eyes. The drops, previously mentioned, serve the function of keeping your eyes from drying out. The retainer is non invasive, and is designed with your comfort in mind.

Step Three

A suction ring will be placed. This is to keep the eye still. It is pressurized in order to ensure that the LASIK laser can make its cut.

Step Four

The laser makes its debut; a small cut will be made in your cornea. This cut is so small it is invisible to a viewer and to you.

Step Five

The flap cut in the previous step is moved aside gently.

Step Six

After positioning you, the doctor will use the LASIK laser to reshape the tissue of your cornea, as well as remove any excess tissue. You will be instructed to look at a small light so that the doctor can better study your eye.

Step Seven

The flap the laser made on your cornea is replaced without discomfort to you. You will then be asked to rest. LASIK surgery is done one eye at a time, so you will have to come back to have your other eye operated on for a future appointment.

It’s Easy

As you can see, there is not much to LASIK. It is the most non invasive type of eye surgery available today, and can help to improve your vision greatly.

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